November 16, 2019
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Ring engraving ideas for her

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She is special, which is why you’re going to give her a solitaire ring. Want to make it even more special? Have you ever run out of ideas to give your beloved the perfect diamond ring? No more of that now. Here’s what you can do. Leave the confusion aside and see how a simple ring engraving can make a world of difference!

A diamond on the ring does give more meaning to the ornament but have you tried conveying something more? Especially in words. You might have given her pretty cards with sweet messages scribbled across. But we all know that these cards won’t stay for long. It’s true that they have a longer life than chocolates and flowers but still falls short of eternal. Your sweetheart should have something that she can see for herself any time and anywhere. Or show it off to her friends when she feels like.

Song lyrics as a ring engraving

If there’s a romantic song you both simply love and can’t get enough of, engrave a phrase from the song. Let her pick the words feels are the best. If the gift belongs to her, let her truly feel that way.

Of course, you can’t have a whole sentence as a ring engraving. So, make sure to pick the best words from the song and go ahead.

Something she loves

Now this one might sound crazy but if she loves it, go ahead. If you feel she is fine with it, you can engrave her pet’s name inside the ring. And it makes more sense if you had gifted her the puppy. That makes the engraving even more special. When we have pets of our own, they’re just like our children. Her pet’s name engraved on the inner portion of the ring will make sense to both of you. And she will love you more for it!

A ring engraving of the infinity symbol

You need not always say it in words, sometimes symbols are more powerful. They’re compact, aesthetic and express what they’re supposed to. A good bet would be the infinity symbol (∞). It is romantic in a geeky way. And yet it perfectly conveys what you want to say! So keep it short and simple.

A language of love

A shoutout to all those who know French, the language of love. Of course, it doesn’t mean that other languages are less romantic. There’s Latin and Italian too! So choose one that you both can genuinely relate too and get ‘I love you’ engraved. Or if you simply want to surprise her, then let her find out the meaning. 

There are some things you must remember when you choose to engrave a ring. Firstly, most ring engravings are customised and therefore, carry extra charges. Secondly, there is a limited number of letters you can engrave, that depends on the jeweller. The cost will change with the number of characters.

To keep the ring engraving as aesthetic as possible, keep it short. Take time to think about what you would like to write. Because this engraving is here to stay for a lifetime!

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