February 12, 2020
Yes I do

Ready for the engagement day with Yes I Do!

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Your solitaire engagement ring is not just any ordinary diamond ring. And what makes it even more special is that there’s a story behind it. The engagement is the first step to a new life with someone you love the most. Not only is your relationship status upgraded but also the promises you now make are more meaningful! Saying “Yes I do” means more than just getting engaged.

Divine Solitaires’ engagement ring collection titled “Yes I Do” is a symbol of these promises. The relationship you share with your significant other is unique and so should your engagement ring be! Every ring from this collection is a different kind of beauty, either simple or gorgeous.

A big moment such as your engagement day should be accompanied by a beautiful diamond engagement ring. And Yes I Do ensures just that! While she’ll, undoubtedly, love the diamond ring, she’ll love it more if the design suits her style perfectly. With a wide range of diamond rings to choose from, it won’t be difficult to pick the ideal ring for her.


Will she say “Yes I do”?


There are ways to ask the love of your life to spend a lifetime with you. And when you choose the perfect ring from “Yes, I Do”, you know what her answer will be.



diamond engagment ring for her
#RF2040: Embellished head women’s diamond ring



This beautiful ring features the perfect balance of gold design and speckles of diamonds around the round brilliant solitaire at the centre.



Yes I do
#RF2074: Florid glow diamond ring for her



The decorative halo setting that holds the precious and gleaming solitaire also gives more volume to the centrepiece, thus enhancing its beauty. You truly don’t need any more ornaments to look fabulous.



Yes I do
#RF2042: Parted shine diamond ring for her



Unique designs are meant for special people. This brilliant solitaire ring could be the best gift you can give to yourself. Pick a metal colour that makes your ring beautiful beyond belief!



women's solitaire engagement ring
#RF2061: Diamond glory women’s solitaire ring



This classy piece, decked in diamonds, says a lot about the craftsmanship of the artisans. All it needs to do is find its place on your fingers.



Yes I do
#RF2029: Gold curls women’s solitaire ring



What can be more beautiful than a diamond ring? A diamond ring with a beautiful curled motif on the band’s shoulders. You’re bound to love this lovely design as much as you adore the marvellous solitaire.



women's solitaire ring
#RF2046: Braided beauty women’s solitaire ring



When you have a solitaire ring on your finger, there isn’t much you need to make yourself look prettier. And nothing like a light braided design on the band to liven up this adorable piece of jewellery.



Yes I Do
#RF2060: Glowing trio women’s solitaire ring



This design gives the three-stone diamond ring an elegant twist. If one solitaire isn’t enough for you, here is your chance to go for three diamonds.


Designing your diamond engagement ring


When you select your solitaire engagement ring, you would rather customise it than have something that everyone wears.

Designing your own ornament, especially an engagement ring, makes it even more special. The pattern and diamonds you choose create a piece that is exclusive to your relationship with your partner.

Engagement rings are a different ball game as compared to your regular diamond rings. The selection of a diamond engagement ring is quite a task in itself. But with the right kind of assistance, you can easily select a beautiful one for your significant half!

As with all Divine Solitaires diamonds, solitaires from the Yes I Do collection are quality-guaranteed and certified on 123 quality parameters

Lastly, even though she could be expecting the proposal anytime doesn’t mean you should not surprise her. Plan it in your own special way and make it the best one ever. And be sure to capture that beautiful smile of hers when she sees her diamond engagement ring!

Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner.

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