July 25, 2019

Rakshabandhan: Make the bond stronger

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It is the time of the year when every sister frantically hunts for the best rakhi to give to her brother. He, in turn, looks for the best gift to give to his sister on the special occasion of Rakshabandhan. It is that one day of the year when the siblings call a truce and sit together for the rakhi tying, sweets and the gifts.

But more than gifts, this day is actually about a brother’s promise.

The brother promises to protect his sister when she ties a sacred thread called rakhi on his wrist. Traditionally, the rakhi was red always in colour, a very auspicious colour for some Indian communities. Over time, rakhis have become more stylish, colourful and elaborate.

While the tradition of sisters tying rakhis to their brothers is still popular, the choice of gifts has changed. It’s still cute and special when your brother hands you a box of chocolates, or even better, a few thousand rupees.

A lot of brothers also plan gifts carefully…keeping in mind what their sisters like the best. We agree that interesting books and attractive stationery make it to that list! The more generous souls even gift their sisters holiday and travel vouchers for solo trips. 

But, boys, how about gifting your sister something that she can proudly show off for a long time to come? How about making this Rakshabandhan a little more special?

Believe us when we say that women are always waiting for a family member to gift them a solitaire. And it can’t get any cuter than receiving it from your brother. We can give you four reasons why your sister will treasure a solitaire from you over her other gifts.

  • A diamond will definitely outlive all the other gifts you give her. The flowers and chocolates won’t last the whole week!
  • Your sister will tell only nice things about you to everyone who asks about her sibling. Maybe even your parents will hear just the good stuff about you.
  • You will be at peace knowing that you have purchased a really meaningful and everlasting gift for your sister. Very few gifts come close to looking as pretty as a solitaire.
  • Solitaire jewellery is something women wear at all times because it is elegant and mostly light in weight. Your sister will always carry your gift around and also ensure that it is safe at all times!

We’re sure you can think of more reasons to gift your sister a solitaire this Rakshabandhan. After all, she was the first friend you ever had! Also, she has been the one to bail you out of all kinds of sticky situations. Pretty sure she may have been the one to put you there in the first place.

And we agree, it is also okay if the sister wants to give her brother a gift along with the rakhi. Not that you should demand it but if you’ve been a wonderful brother, you really deserve one. 

Forget that solitaires are just for women. Men’s solitaire rings are a real thing and they look really smart.

You are one lucky brother if your sister gifts you a diamond on Rakshabandhan. And perhaps, even luckier if she adds a box of your favourite sweets chocolates to that.

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