January 29, 2020

Pair your diamond engagement and wedding rings

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The two most important days in your life naturally call for two bright and lovely diamond rings. You cannot help but make diamonds a part of these occasions. But that being said, you need to be sure that the look of your engagement and wedding rings do not clash. After marriage, most of us choose to wear both the rings together. They are way too precious and special to be kept away in our personal lockers. Moreover, it’s a sweet reminder of the one who genuinely loves you and cares for you!

The point of pairing your engagement and wedding rings is to keep things classy. You don’t want people to notice the rings because of how strange they look together, do you? In that case, it is best to start from scratch. When you plan the design of your engagement and wedding rings, ensure that they complement each other.

Designing your engagement and wedding rings


Your diamond jeweller will help you customise your solitaire engagement and wedding rings. The first thing to do here is to choose the same jeweller for both the rings. That way, it’ll be easier for you to design and keep track of them.

Quite a few people only wear their engagement ring after marriage and hence, pay more attention to just that. As a result, the wedding ring automatically becomes a more passive and simple design. But with diamonds, you never know when you’ll feel like wearing them all at once! So, design your engagement and wedding rings in a way that you can wear them together and also separately.

If your engagement ring has a simple band, a solitaire and a simple prong setting, make your wedding ring elaborate. The latter can have more diamonds. At the same time, do not go overboard with any of the designs. It is necessary to consider that you’ll be wearing your engagement and wedding rings most of the time. Which means that they’ll have to look great with all of your outfits, formal, casual and festive.

The same holds true if your engagement ring has a more detailed design. In that case, you can choose an elegant halo or pave setting where this ring will be studded with diamonds. And to tone down to sparkle, you can have a simple wedding ring with few stones or just one diamond.

Combine two metal colours


Most people choose white gold for their engagement and wedding rings. White gold looks similar to platinum and if you aren’t going for a platinum band, then white gold it is! Moreover, the look stays quite neutral with this colour. Whether you’re dressed formally or for a fancy outing, you needn’t worry about matching the ring colour with your clothes.

We cannot stress enough on the importance of the diamond colour. While colourless diamonds are best for white gold engagement rings, go easy if you choose yellow or rose gold. Nearly all of us set a budget for our engagement and wedding rings and this tactic helps you stick to the budget.

And lastly, if you want two metal colours, go on and pair one coloured gold with white gold. Yellow gold and white are a classic together but you can also opt for rose and white gold. The only thing you need to avoid is the tones of the two rings clashing. This is true, especially when it comes to rose gold. It can have a very light tone or a darker tone as well.

Designing your own diamond engagement and wedding rings has its own perks and the best one is your personal touch!

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