May 10, 2020

Mother’s Day: Celebrate the strength of a mother

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When we think about a mother, there is so much that comes to our minds. She has always been there for us. As our best friend and our most practical critic. You may have had the worst fights with her. But it is her unconditional love that erases all the bitterness and keeps your bond stronger than ever. 

We may well understand her role in our lives. What we will probably never understand is how she manages it all. It is her inner strength that always keeps her going. And that is something we understand only after we start growing up. As young children, we tend to take her for granted. But in our later years, her sacrifices become apparent to us.


The multiple roles a mother takes on


For a mother who is a homemaker, cooking and cleaning aren’t her only tasks. Her skills range from being able to keep the house to tutoring her kids. For a working mother, it is much the same. Juggling between office work, kids and household chores is always a herculean task.

No matter what profession a mother pursues, her work never seems to get over. In many homes, the mother is the first to wake up and the last to sleep. During this lockdown period, she has had to assume several responsibilities. And she takes on all of them without complaining. It takes exceptional mental strength to be able to handle more than what she usually does.

And it doesn’t end there. She also takes up the task of shaping our personality. And that is something no one else can do. From teaching us how to speak to preparing us for the world, it’s always been her. 

This Mother’s Day, if there is something you want to give your mother, what will it be? How will you let her know that you really love and appreciate her?


Why is Mother’s Day so special?


Most of us believe that everyday is Mother’s Day and that we should thank her daily. But do we really do that? In all honesty, we take her place in our lives for granted. While deep in our hearts, we feel nice about all she does for us, we seldom express it. And that is why, there has to be this one special day where you can take the opportunity to make her feel special.

On this day, you can cook scrumptious meals for her and make her watch her favourite shows and movies. Let her take a break from the running around and help her relax. Maybe you can do it every weekend so that she really feels wonderful! Such gestures are one of the best ways to show her how much she means to you.

When it comes to choosing the best gift for her, nothing really makes it to the list. Depending on her preferences, it could be anything. Among the better options, solitaires are probably the most appropriate gift you can give to her. In many ways, a diamond is very similar to a mother, tough, beautiful and valuable! Also, if you want to thank her, words always hold more meaning when there is a precious diamond to go.

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