January 30, 2020
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Keeping the proposal a secret

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You must have definitely planned how you’re going to go about your engagement. The first task here is keeping the proposal a secret. We are sure you’re already visiting jewellery stores, offline and online, to look for the best diamond ring. But how can you ensure that she does not know about it first?

After all, she is special and you wouldn’t want to give her anything less than a true-blue solitaire. If you think that a solitaire ring is enough in itself, you’re not wrong. Of course, she loves diamonds but you need to make the engagement proposal really special! And the element of surprise matters a lot.

Though you’re sure of proposing to her, it’ll take a while to figure out how you’ll do it. You can ask your friends and family to come up with suggestions too. You could simply pop the question at a fancy restaurant dinner and it’ll be sweet and memorable. But what about fun? Would you not want her to remember this beautiful moment as an exceptional one? Letting her find the ring in her wine could be a classic but it’s time to explore innovative ideas.

The proposal with an adventure

If you both love exploring new places, she’ll love this one. Only be careful and keep the diamond ring safe when you both go hiking. You can get insurance when you buy it but let’s just say it’s better to not lose the ring.

A quiet spot near a pristine stream or under an umbrella of trees would be a great spot. Or you can also set up your own little picnic spot for the engagement proposal! 

Another way of adding an element of adventure would be to organise a treasure hunt with your close friends. Hide the ring with the final clue and let her find it. Not only will she be happy with the victory but also the prize!

A dog lover would love nothing better than getting one for themselves. You could propose to her with a small pooch or even a kitten in a basket. Two of the happiest moments in a person’s life combined are enough to make it a really memorable one!

Or if she already has a puppy, you could plan something with the pooch. A small card and the ring tied to the dog’s collar will definitely surprise her. And her pet’s puppy eyes are sure to add to her happiness!

If it is as serious as proposing to someone, then a collage of pictures is a must. By the time you decide that she’s the one for you, there’ll already be many photos of you together. A collage of memories is something that will remind her of all the special moments you’ve spent together. All you’re doing is marking the beginning of more beautiful ones.

Try some fun ways to propose

Plan for someone to release a bunch of helium balloons separately with the four words on them. They can also be written on different cards tied to the balloons so that she can read them clearly. And once she’s done reading them, you can go down on one knee and present the diamond ring to her.

Without a doubt, she will clearly remember this unique engagement proposal for years to come. The helium balloons won’t stay for long but the solitaire ring definitely will.

Before you execute the engagement proposal, try and ensure that the diamond ring you have is something she will love. Even if the diamond is a small one, it really doesn’t matter. You can always upgrade it afterwards and get a bigger one. Hence it is necessary to buy the ring from a reliable diamond jeweller. The engagement proposal should be perfect in every way!

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