April 11, 2020
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Is there a right way to wear your wedding ring?

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This is one question that you’ll be asking yourself sometimes. Especially, if you’re newly married or about to take the big step sometime soon. The right way to do it is to follow what suits you the best. A solitaire wedding ring is a very personal piece of jewellery. Naturally, how you wear it is up to you to decide. However, there are a few things you simply need to know. The design of the ring, first and foremost. Also, is the wedding ring the only one on your finger or is there also an engagement ring?

A lot of women choose to pair their wedding ring with the engagement ring. Some wear it on the same hand and same finger. Others may choose the ring fingers of both hands for each ring.


Follow the design of your wedding ring


Your wedding ring must have been designed just the way you wanted it to be. That’s why you can decide how you want to wear it. However, here is some information that can help you. Take a careful look at the ring. If it is a classic solitaire ring with a large solitaire and no side diamonds, you are good to go. Nothing quite beats the charm of a good classic design. To be honest, you don’t really need another ring to go with such a piece.

If your ring has a very small stone, you can wear a diamond studded band with it. That gives it a brighter look with more volume. You can reserve this look for the times when you step out of the house.


Wearing it with the engagement ring?


If that’s the case, then play safe with the design. With solitaire rings, you can never go wrong. When you are designing your wedding and engagement rings, decide if you want to wear them together. That’ll help you plan the design better.

It is best not to have two completely different and contrasting designs. The differences can be subtle. Also, if you’re wearing them on the same finger together, they should look simple. And don’t worry, a solitaire ring won’t let you down! Just be careful not to go overboard with the side diamonds, if there are any. 


Try wearing an insert ring


Suppose you’re only wearing your wedding ring, another way to make it look brighter is to use an insert ring. Whether you choose to have diamonds on your insert ring is completely up to you. The purpose of this ring is to make your ring look a little larger than what it is.

An insert ring can also be fun if you choose a metal colour that’s different from your wedding ring. So, you can combine white gold and rose gold or yellow and white gold. Just as long as you’re comfortable with this mix and match, you’re good to go.

Hence it all comes down to what you feel suits you the best. There is no one right way to wear a wedding ring. Apart from the fact that it should always be on the ring finger, the rest is for you to decide!

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