February 29, 2020
International Women's Day

International Women’s Day: Celebrate her individuality!

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We often look down upon phrases that go “Like a girl”. But when was the last time you actually thought what it means? Why doesn’t this phrase sound positive and is instead used to mock someone? On 8th March 2020, this International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate for women for what they are. They can be strong, divine, ambitious, creative, smart and so much more. Let’s celebrate the unique strength of women not just keeping in mind their existence but also by acknowledging their contribution.

On this occasion, respect everyone for who they are and don’t leave women out of the narrative. By virtue of being a woman, the quality of being feminine is natural. And rather than being a weakness, it is a form of strength one should truly admire.

At the same time, a woman can also choose to be bold. This is yet another quality that defines her personality. Her boldness comes forth in the decisions she makes and the jewellery she wears. What makes a woman truly divine is she being herself!


A woman is like a tea-bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water – Eleanor Roosevelt.


There aren’t enough words to describe how many different hues a woman’s personality has. Given all the roles she plays with her unique strength and skills, one day isn’t enough to celebrate her contributions.


A fresh look at International Women’s Day


Womanhood encompasses the qualities of being exceptionally caring, loving and considerate. Take a look at your mother, for example. However, that does not mean that they won’t draw a line somewhere. And when it comes to their contributions, you could fill pages on what women have given to society.

This International Women’s Day, let her know that she is your strength and support. Tell her that she is irreplaceable. But are only words and flowers show what you mean?

To make it even more special for the women in your life, gift her a solitaire. A diamond whose brilliance will amaze her. More importantly, the brilliance of which will convince her that she is truly special for you.


Solitaire jewellery that celebrates femininity


When a woman wears diamond jewellery, it makes her look beautiful. But for her, looking pretty isn’t the only expectation that she has from her solitaires. She wants a design that reflects her personality. And above all, ideal for every day.

Lightweight pieces like the ones in Divine Solitaires’ Born Pretty are the type that every woman would be comfortable with. The collection, crafted with perfectly cut diamonds on dainty designs are something any woman would love to have.

Born Pretty truly defines everyday diamond jewellery. Anyone would love light and delicate pieces that still make you look glamourous. This International Women’s Day, this is the collection that will make her feel wonderful about herself.

A woman is always pretty, irrespective of her body’s shape and her skin’s colour. Born Pretty makes every woman feel comfortable with the solitaire jewellery pieces she chooses to wear.

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