November 12, 2019
International Men's Day

International Men’s Day: Acknowledging them

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When you want to show gratitude, it is best to start with your family. Every good virtue should begin at home before you practice it outside. But there are some things we tend to take for granted. That also includes the role of the men in our families and in our lives. This International Men’s Day, let’s take some time to appreciate what they do for us and how they live up to our expectations.

More than often, we only tend to hear the negative things about men. We tell them that they’re not doing enough to protect women. We feel that they’re running away from their responsibilities. Or being insensitive to the needs of other people. But it’s time we started acknowledging that their contribution to humanity and the world is equally important.

The importance of gratitude

The society, in general, expects a lot from everyone. Whether it is men or women, we all have several responsibilities. Let’s rewind to the time when we knew our fathers or male relatives as the only breadwinners in the family. Being the sole earning member of the family is one of the biggest responsibilities one can ever undertake. And for years and years, it has been just the men who have been bringing food to the table.

Just as the way we expect men to understand women, let’s also take the time to understand them. Let’s value their contribution to society and the way they work long hours to keep their families comfortable. In the struggle to bring women forward, we’re leaving the men behind. And that’s not how gender equality works! It’s okay to hold a door or pull out a chair for a man irrespective of his age.

The best way to thank them

Gifting something to a man can be tricky. A seemingly silent male colleague could be crazy about loud video games. Or your overly social and talkative uncle could be passionate about reading in his spare time. 

If anyone tells you that men do not wear or like diamonds, show them some amazing men’s diamond rings. Men are crazy about stylish and elegant diamonds as much as women are. Men’s jewellery is underrated but in reality, they can carry it off well!

And men have emotions too. Societal pressures and expectations may not allow them to express it but men too feel quite a lot. Naturally, if you gift your father, brother or a close friend a diamond, they will be really grateful for it. The artistic and emotional value of a diamond is of great importance to a man as it is to women.

A new way to celebrate International Men’s Day


Some may joke that every day is International Men’s Day or Women’s Day. Of course, there is no harm in celebrating humanity every day. But when we dedicate a day to a particular community or gender, it means we’re trying to appreciate them better. This International Men’s Day, we can pledge to try and understand men as human beings and our equals.

You can begin by being less judgemental as a woman. Understand that not every man is trying to be sexist or annoying when they ask you certain questions. But, of course, be watchful of those who don’t mean what they say!

In a battle against patriarchy and chauvinism, let’s not forget that some men are genuinely nice. They lead by example and are always sensitive to people’s needs and concerns. It is simply unfair to criticise all men for the sake of a few rotten apples.

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