September 28, 2019
Mother's Day

Gift a solitaire to the new mother

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Motherhood is not easy, no matter how much you prepare for it. The initial days of pregnancy are full of doubts and questions. The thought of taking the responsibility of another human being can be daunting. Seeing and feeling your body undergoing so many changes is a new and slightly scary experience. At the same time, the task of bringing a baby into this world is only what a woman can do. Gift a solitaire to her to commend her patience, courage and strength.

It is necessary to take the occasion into consideration. Most people prefer giving the new mother gifts at the baby shower. Others prefer waiting till they’re invited to see the mother and her baby a few weeks after childbirth. But as her family, any time is the right time to present the new mother with a piece of dazzling solitaire jewellery.

Sibling love

Your relation to the new mother will also decide in what form you can gift a solitaire to her. If it is your sister who is going to have a baby, you know her choice already! You can be the best judge of whether your sister will like a diamond pendant or a diamond earrings better. You might also already know what designs she prefers.

Your bundle of joy

As the new mother’s husband, you are probably sharing some responsibilities of the baby’s care. There are the doctor’s bills and other expenses to take care of. But you still want to give her a beautiful diamond ring. This gift means a lot to you because you’re the father, after all. If you plan and save in advance, you’ll be able to give her a beautiful diamond ring. And it will definitely amaze her!

Dear grandparents to-be, gift a solitaire with love

You, of all people, know best what your daughter feels about being a new mother. You completely understand her mood swings, her sleep cycles and the sudden changes in her appetite. She is in the same place where you were with her years ago. In fact, during these nine months, you are the one who she needs the most. As her constant support, gift a solitaire to tell her that she can always turn to you for help.

Even if your daughter is all grown up and going to have a child, she is still your baby. You still treat her with the same love and care that you used to when she was a kid. Even though you know that you raised her to be a strong woman, you are worried for her health. Which is why you answer her calls even if it’s in the middle of the night. Perhaps give her a beautiful solitaire pendant at her baby shower to tell her that you don’t mind those calls at all.

A bright addition to the regular gifts

Baby showers are all about gifts that will be useful to the mother and the baby. They include new clothes, shoes, little blankets, bath essentials and many other things. One can also gift gold or silver showpieces or jewellery. These gifts will never go out of style at a classic baby shower. However, a solitaire says much more. It signifies a real connection. If you haven’t gifted someone a solitaire on their baby shower, now is a good time to think about it.

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