May 29, 2019
Father's Day

Father’s Day: A treasure box of memories for daddy dearest

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Most of us have been raised to look up to him as the breadwinner of the house but there are so many words to describe a father. Caring, strict, disciplined, hardworking, wise, considerate, creative, helpful, funny…the list just might not end! It’s time to thank him on this father’s day!

With only the exception of giving birth, a father is perfectly capable of fulfilling all other roles. No matter how bad your day was, he is the one who will choose and focus only on the best moments.

There are a good number of people who have very limited conversations with their dads. Then there are others who love to share just about everything with him. Either way, he is someone we rely on and without whom most of us can hardly ever make a decision.


An ideal father’s day gift


While thinking of gifts to give to him on the occasion of Father’s Day, we tend to keep in mind what he likes. A new smartphone or smartwatch could be a great gift for a gadget-loving dad, a kit of gardening tools for someone who likes tending to his precious collection of potted flora, a recipe book for the one who loves experimenting with food on weekends or an animal-care guide for the father who loves his pet dog unconditionally.

Among all these gifts, a diamond ring could be an unusual one to give to our fathers but it is definitely not an uncommon one. It is not just a sign of love but also one of gratitude that won’t ever fade. And when compared to other gifts like watches, wallets, phones and clothes, a diamond will obviously outlive them all.

Another quality of the stone is its association with unconditional love and bonding. And more so when it comes to a parent’s love; a form of affection that surpasses all else. Here are just a few interesting ways to gift your father a solitaire if you don’t want to just give it to him like a regular gift.


Ways to gift a diamond to dad


If you stay with your parents, this one should be easy to plan. You can cook him his favourite meal, preferably the breakfast and place the ring box next to the plate. Keep it in plain sight but inconspicuous so that while eating his eyes suddenly fall on the gift-wrapped ring box.

For those who stay in another city or state, there is slightly more to plan. You can either pay him a surprise visit on Father’s Day along the solitaire ring and a box of chocolates/sweets or another gift. The ring is sure to catch his attention first.

Another unusual way of letting him find it is to plant it someplace where he keeps his keys or wallet; a coffee table, next to his computer or on his work table. Make sure to keep it in a way that he doesn’t miss it. Place a small ‘thank you’ card to add some more meaning to the solitaire ring.

A solitaire for him on Father’s Day seems like the perfect gift for someone who has always been a rock for you – strong and unchanging. And that’s not the only reason – the longevity of a diamond makes it even more special. It will stay with your father longer than any other accessory or Father’s Day greeting card would!

On this very special day

Given the hustle and bustle in our daily lives, we somehow always end up missing to thank him for his efforts. Quite often, we take his role in our lives for granted.

As a gesture of thanks, you can take him out for shopping, dinner and to the movies. It isn’t difficult to imagine how happy it would make any father spend some quality time with his children.

But movies and fancy dinners are a regular thing and it’s time to look for a Father’s Day gift more special and everlasting. And one can be sure that a diamond ring makes the best gift ever!

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