December 21, 2019
first anniversary

Diamonds for your first anniversary

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So, it’s been a year since you tied the knot and exchanged vows. A whole year into the journey that is meant to last a lifetime. It has its ups and downs. Let’s start with the best – you and your partner are now formally together and you can spend enough time with each other. The other good things include, well, making all kinds of plans together. We know how important this first anniversary is for any marriage. It is a milestone, after all!

By now, you both know each other’s likes and dislikes. Gifts and flowers are probably a regular thing like they were during the courtship. Keep them going. A marriage is made up of lots of little but special things. However, on the occasion of your first anniversary, make it even more special than the other days. Celebrate it with a gorgeous diamond!

Gifts for her on the first anniversary

You may have noticed what she wears to work regularly. Similarly, you may have also seen her choices in jewellery. And it’s okay if you haven’t, just start taking notes a few months before the big day. That way, you’ll know exactly what you can give her.

While the first anniversary is truly special, don’t try and go overboard with solitaire jewellery. If there’s anything women don’t like, it is a valuable piece of jewellery simply lying inside their jewellery box. They love wearing pieces that they can mix and match with all their outfits. That way, they can create different looks with just a few ornaments.

Gifting her diamond jewellery may need you to take a quick peek into her jewellery box and check what she all she owns. You can:

Gift her something that she doesn’t already have. A diamond bracelet, perhaps.

See what suits her the best. If you feel she could do with another pair of diamond earrings, then go for it.

Observe what she loves wearing the most. Does she love her diamond ring more than her diamond pendant?

Her choice of jewellery will mostly depend on her outfits, the nature of her work and also her mode of travel. Women travelling in public transport mostly prefer to wear solitaire jewellery that doesn’t come off easily.

What is it that you can gift him?

Diamonds may have originally been a woman’s best friend but now men wear them too. And that’s not even recent; it’s been years since men have taken to sporting diamond studs and rings. So if you think that your husband could do with a piece of solitaire jewellery, here’s how you can plan.

His engagement or wedding ring is one of the diamond rings he already owns. But you can always gift him a pair of solitaire studs or a diamond pendant on the first anniversary. Some men carry it off quite well and if you feel your partner can too, then go for it. Or, if you’re too confused about it, gift him a solitaire. That way you also leave him a choice to customise his own jewellery. 

Even if you both decide on gifting diamond rings to each other, it is still a great idea. And if you plan beforehand, you can also get a meaningful laser-inscribed message on the diamond. A gift as personalised as this is bound to be something you both will remember for a long time to come.

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