October 31, 2019
diamond inscriptions

Diamond inscriptions for your beloved

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It is easy to make your partner happy with greeting cards every once in a while. To add to the fun, you can also scribble messages on them. But greeting cards – like flowers and chocolates – have a limited life span. No matter how precious you both feel that the card is, it will come apart one day. If you want something to stay for longer, try diamond inscriptions.

When we really love and value our significant other, there is always a solitaire to seal the deal. Whether we get engaged, married or celebrate our anniversaries, diamonds are a part of the celebrations. Diamond inscriptions make the whole affair all the more romantic. And believe us when we say it is as easy as writing on a card!

Diamond inscriptions on solitaires

It is obviously not something we can do on our own. The inscription is made by a professional but you get to decide the message on the stone. As such, there is no restriction as to which part of the diamond should have the inscription. But diamond inscriptions on the table of the diamond could dim its sparkle. A diamond needs to be devoid of any kind of blemishes for the best shine.

While making an inscription, it is necessary to keep the brilliance of the stone. Which is why the safest place for an inscription is the diamond’s girdle. It does not hinder with the brilliance of the stone in any way.

Customising the inscription for your sweetheart

Diamond inscriptions are supposed to be short and sweet for two practical reasons. Firstly, there won’t be enough space for a complete sentence or a romantic quote. Secondly, it would be difficult for your partner to read the complete text around the girdle.

They can be a combination of letters and symbols. Most couples also prefer putting their initials on the girdle. But if you wish to inscribe an endearment like “To My Love” or “My One & Only”, you can do so. All you need to do is request your diamond jeweller for the same while customising the diamond jewellery.

You need not only inscribe these sweet nothings on women’s solitaire jewellery. A woman too can gift her husband solitaire jewellery with an inscription. Most men wear solitaires on their wedding ring, so, an inscription on your spouse’s diamond ring is a good idea!

Since women wear solitaires on rings as well as pendants, earrings and bangles too, you can choose any jewellery for the inscription. However, it is best to go for something as special as the wedding or engagement ring. 

Diamond inscriptions are obviously not visible without a magnifier. The reason they are rare and special is that they are only visible to your beloved. No else can read them like they would read your greeting cards. You could, in fact, also not tell your partner about the inscription and surprise them a few days after gifting it to them. The best thing is that diamond inscriptions stay as long as the diamond does.

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