August 29, 2019
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Couple bands & a promise for life: Now & Forever

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Marriage is a very serious commitment and needs a lot of thought. When you’re finally ready for it, there’s little chance of turning back. And so finding someone who completes you is very important. A lifelong commitment such as this calls for a precious token and couple bands totally fit the bill!

Some partners choose to buy couple bands a few years after their marriage, perhaps to celebrate a stronger bond. Some even get it for their 10th anniversary to keep things special. It is not just the emotion behind these bands that make them special. It is also the design that makes them stand out.

When should you get the couple bands?

The oft-asked question is, when is a good time to buy a pair of couple bands for your partner and you? The best time to get it is when it feels right. For this, we need to know what they signify.

Most people choose to wear couple bands after marriage. But even couples who have been dating for a long time and will eventually marry, wear them. Couple bands, sometimes also known as couple rings, are also worn by partners who are engaged to be married.



Basically, couple rings stand for lifelong commitment and togetherness. So mostly, it is married or engaged couples who wear them. These rings are nothing like friendship bands that very close friends sometimes wear.

What should they look like?

Couple rings are not exactly a very old trend. Earlier, most couple rings had the same design for both the partners. This is still quite relevant today and people still love them that way. However, even though the designs may be similar, it is easy to tell which one belongs to whom. The ones made for women have a delicate outline and design while the ones for men look bold. 

Diamond couple bands look great even if the design for both partners is the same. And if you choose a pair that does not look the same, you still are in a win-win situation. Just as long as the design of one band complements the other, they still qualify as couple bands.

The metal matter

Couple bands are popularly crafted in platinum or white gold. One of the possible reasons for this could be to make these rings look different from regular ones.

However, couples who wish to sport couple rings can always choose what suits them the best. Though these bands are made of a single tone metal, some people choose a combination of two metal colours. It can either be rose and white gold or yellow and white gold.



There are those who also like keeping it classic and go for yellow gold bands. These are not as popular as white gold but it’s a matter of personal choice.

The simpler meaning of the couple bands is rather deep. Each ring from the pair is worn by one of the partners. So even if they are far away from each other, their band reminds them of their beloved!

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