April 11, 2020

Celebrate your anniversary without leaving your house

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One of the most important things about celebrating your anniversary is giving her a gift. And if that is missing, then the celebration feels incomplete. However, there are exceptions. During this time, it is more important that you and your partner stay safe at home. But that means no stepping out even on that special day. And that’s alright because here are some ways you can celebrate your anniversary at home.

An anniversary means that there will be a few gifts. And one of them will be a solitaire ring for sure. A diamond makes such occasions all the more special and memorable. If you’ve planned the ring months in advance then you can give it to her while celebrating. But no one’s judging you if you could get one. There’s always time for it later!

So whether you’re surprising her with the diamond ring now or later, here are some tips for an indoor celebration. Plan ahead so that you can make the evening, or even the whole day, magical for her!


Arrange a special anniversary breakfast


If you haven’t ever made a cup of tea or coffee before, this could really surprise her. You don’t really need to struggle much with elaborate recipes. Several simple recipes online will help you out. And surely take her favourite dish into consideration. Just be sure you get to the kitchen well before she does!


Plan fun activities for the day


If you both want to stay in bed and watch a movie, you already have one idea up your sleeve! And just to make the mood much more romantic, you can have light decorations around the house. If it’s difficult getting flowers during this time, make do with whatever is there at home. Some festive lights and decorations can surely work magic!

Prepare a light snack and some interesting drinks to munch on as you both play some board games. Or if you both want to dance to some romantic music, get your best clothes out and go for it! Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t do that.


The mandatory anniversary dinner


The candlelight dinner date you both were planning at a fancy restaurant can be recreated at home. You don’t have to go all out of your way and overdo it. Spending all the time in the kitchen will take the fun out of the celebration. Go for a couple of simple courses and light up the room with a few scented candles. And keep that wine bottle ready for her!

As for the anniversary gift, this is the right time to surprise her. And if you don’t have it then a simple romantic note will do the trick. To be honest, there isn’t always a fixed time to gift a diamond ring.


A romantic movie night with her


The celebration need not end after the meal. Even if you two aren’t movie buffs, who doesn’t like a fun movie once in a while? Cuddle up on the sofa with her and pick out a couple of favourites to watch. Maybe you two have a special movie that you first watched together. If there’s some popcorn or milkshake, it makes the movie-watching experience all the more fun.

Who would have thought that an anniversary celebration can be so much fun, even at home?

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