July 13, 2019

A friendship day solitaire: For the best and the truest one

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Friendship day, friendship and friends mean a lot to most of us. Even reclusive people who claim to love their own company are not always alone. They too have friends but are only more selective. 

That’s because everyone needs friends. We keep our friends close and some of them, even closer. We often feel the need for at least one really close friend in our life.

It is for this best friend that we bend some rules, fight with others and also take some risks. This one who has been with you through thick and thin and will probably take risks for you.

Well, you need not necessarily have one best friend. You may have more. Each of them equally rare and valuable in their own ways. 

You might think that the best gift you can give to someone is your time. We agree with that all the way because memories last forever. No points for guessing that solitaires do too. It only seems fair to honour their value with something as precious as a solitaire.

The fashion of giving your bestie a solitaire isn’t exactly mainstream but it isn’t unheard of. At some point, it’ll be time to move on from gifts like photo albums and flower vases. While we can’t help you decide to whom you can gift a solitaire, we know who all can possibly qualify:

The childhood friend 

You both played the silliest games as kids. Probably took your first baby steps together. There’s a good chance that you also went to the same school with this friend.

And even if you spent only your first few years with them, they became really special. They were your first friend, after all. A pair of solitaire earrings for this friend is a justified gift!

The college friend

This is the person who saved you from the most awkward firsts as you stepped into college. You probably bunked college together and disliked the same people too. From lending notes to one another to attending the most boring lectures together, you went through it all!

Even though your group may have been a huge one, this friend stood out clearly. Not to forget how well they guarded your secrets and crazy thoughts. If there is anything she deserves, it is a solitaire!

The office friend

The one who asked you to lunch first when you walked into the cafeteria alone. Somehow, this friend stood out because maybe it wasn’t just a courteous gesture but one of concern. 

The one who helps you complete your tasks and gives genuine advice when you’re confused. And of course, makes you laugh when you’re stressed. A couple of years into this kind of friendship tells you that this friend will stay for a long time to come. And that they deserve no less than a solitaire.

We all most likely have a best friend from one of these three places. But there are a whole lot of people who bond well with us over time. Someone who probably travels the office route with you daily.

Or goes to the same dance or language class you attend. Or accompanies you to the movies because maybe, they are the only ones with a similar taste. Whoever it is, you know how special they are.

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