June 17, 2022

What are the astrological benefits of wearing a diamond?

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Do you like diamonds? Does that shine tempt you to own it? If you ask me, I really love them.

People love to buy diamonds, for their own reasons. But I never knew, that diamonds in itself have an impact on our lives .Yes, you heard it right, and diamonds have an astrological significance too.

Actually, I was unaware of this, but last year my friend who had several personal issues, was recommended by an astrologer to wear diamonds as it could help him improve his quality of life.

Rather than agreeing to this, I raised many questions on this theory. But his firm and adamant belief on astrology was far stronger than my contradictions.

So I too researched about the impact of diamonds on our lives as per astrology and came up with many links and theories associated with it.

As per astrology, diamonds are considered auspicious for some Sun signs. It is said that diamonds provide good luck and wealth. It boosts the self-confidence of people wearing it as well as it enhances their overall personality. It provides them with good health and spirit. Diamonds in itself fills the void of happiness and a euphoric feeling, in the person who wears it.

But here again, it depends on wearing the correct gemstone as per science and astrology. Venus is the ruling planet of diamonds. It represents love, luxury, health and happiness. Virgos and Librans, gain most benefits wearing diamonds. Since, diamonds are connected with beauty and style, they are favorable for people related to entertainment and creative industry.

The horoscope of a person decides, what gemstone is auspicious for them.

Here, I have listed various astrological benefits of diamonds that I have come across,

  1. As we all know, a dazzling diamond outshines all other gemstones. There are people who are indecisive in nature. There are many things going on in their mind at the same time. They always seem to arrive at more than one conclusion. Diamonds help such people to have a clear point of view on anything. It helps them to understand the concept clearly and gain decisive powers, as a result boosting their confidence.

2 . As Venus is the ruling planet for diamonds, it provides its owner with love, happiness, luxury, beauty and style. This in turn improves their quality of life.

3 . Diamonds largely affect both, the personal and professional life of people wearing it. It provides them a sense of satisfaction and an inner peace. Diamonds help in removing the inferiority complex in a person.

4. It also gives its owner a social standing in the society .In other words, it helps them to gain recognition and value in the world.

5 . Diamonds also affect the health of people .It provides them with good health and a fit lifestyle. It improves the disorders associated with throat, eyes, kidneys, bladder and other things.

6. Diamonds are said to provide positive energy to its owner.

7. It gives physical strength too .In the sense, it aids in the winning quality of a person. It helps them to win against its enemies. This is what astrologers believe in.

8. Diamonds increase the longevity of life of its wearer. So if you want to live longer, as per science and astrology, you should wear diamonds.

9. Diamonds also inhibits calmness and spirituality in the life of its wearer. It helps in showing them the path of righteousness.

10. Diamonds are considered extremely auspicious for married life. It feels the life with love and strengthen the relationship between the couples.

Again diamonds have been proved beneficial for other zodiac signs like Aries, Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, cancer etc

Astrologers recommend wearing diamonds only after seeing ones horoscope. They first see which gemstone is beneficial as per the planetary set ups and then decide. Moreover, diamonds are worn on Fridays of Shukla paksha of any month after sunrise.

It is said that, diamonds start showing their effect after 20-25 days .They should be changed after 6-7 years and a new diamond should be worn.

Generally a diamond of minimum 1 carat should be worn.

It is often heard, people saying that they are benefitted after wearing diamonds. Now a days, there are people who buy diamonds as per their horoscopes. How much of this is true, depends on one’s belief. We totally can’t deny the astrological aspect of diamonds too as in India, a vast number of people’s life is moving on beliefs and faith. Science has a foot ahead in today’s world, but still beliefs and faith have an upper hand.

With Inputs From Namrita Shah.

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